Union 76 + Tetraethyl 15" Gas Pump Globe with unpainted steel body

Union 76 + Tetraethyl 15" Gas Pump Globe - Limited Edition

  • $327.00

You can find this Union 76 + Tetraethyl 15" Gas Pump Globe on our sister site, Vic's 66, along with a number of exclusive antique gas pump parts.

Perfect your gas pump restoration with our limited edition, individually handmade 15" Union 76 + Tetraethyl reproduction glass lenses, screen printed right in our shop just like the originals. You can choose from a pair or whole assembly with a steel body.

Please note that our steel bodies are bare steel and might arrive with light surface rust, which can be removed with sanding.

Get a globe mounting ring for $24 when purchasing a full globe set up! Discount applies automatically in cart when both items are added.

Check out all of our Union 76 / Union Oil Company products and complete your restoration!

Total height is 19.25" with a standard bottom opening 6" in diameter. Globes are shipped unassembled.